Samuel Friedlander

Hazelwood : Building Community

After six decades of population decline and economic disinvestment, the Hazelwood district of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has the potential to become a vibrant, diverse neighborhood. Hazelwood 50/50 seeks to give residents a subsidized oppertunity to repair and revititalize their homes at a budget price. For each phase, residents only have  to pay $7500 and the Hazelwood Initiative Inc. will donate another $7500 for the remodel. Our group tasked with selecting a common Hazelwood typology and coming up with a feasible design to be executed throughout the community. Our choosen typology was a three-story raised ranch house duplex.  

Through intense reasearch and multiple iterations we created 4 packets covering: economic feasibility, precedent analysis,  a typological pattern language assesment, and performance specifications. I was personally incharge of the perfomance specifications packet. I learned how to produce a fully notated construction document set and write proper product specifications. The line drawings shown on this page are excerpts from the work that I did. This project was a part of our Issues of Practice class at Carnegie Mellon University and the clients were real community members from non-profits in Hazelwood.

This project was done while at Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture.