Samuel Friedlander
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Bromley By Bow

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Bromley By Bow is an area in East London that was heavily bombarded during WWII. Since then East London has been built up with housing blocks under modernist ideals. 

The sites most pressing issue was its lack of connection with the existing neighborhood due to an enormous road, a subway rail, and the Bow river. To remedy this the master plan proposes an expanded underground station that extends under the overpass, and a pedestrian bridge for locals to easily access the site. Connections were also made across the canal/river so it could interface with the existing canal park and TV production studios.

Another important factor was to create 'a city for all' by utilizing different scaled buildings and typologies. One can live an urban lifestyle living closer to the existing neighborhood and subway station. They can also stroll along a more humanistic canal boardwalk, or play pickup soccer in the 'village' park that hides parking underneith.